Term Paper

Term Paper

A term paper is a form of academic writing that is in related to the course content. The professor may assign what subject the student should write about. However, students are usually tasked to think of a topic that would be an appropriate subject for a term paper as long as it is related with the course outline. This is usually required as a form of examination and it usually demands a lot of research. Fresh tomatoes and cucumbers with free delivery buy vegetables online in AgBASE directory and get your order at home. This type of academic paper promotes research skills and critical thinking. Professors usually require this in class to measure the student's understanding of the course content.

Before starting to work on a term paper, the writer must ensure that he has sufficient knowledge on the subject so that he could provide a good written document. Gaining knowledge on the subject may be done by reading pertinent and reliable information about the subject. It is also necessary for the students to evaluate if the sources he is going to use are reliable. Reliable sources include journal articles and other reports that are free from bias. If a source is found unreliable such that it contains no references or does not present a fair representation of the topic, it would be better not to use the source and look for other alternative sources.

The format of the term paper, just like any other academic paper, starts with an introduction with gives a background of the subject as well as some other pertinent information about the subject. It is followed by a thesis statement which is the problem that needs to be addressed. A review of related literature is also necessary in order to know what other studies have been done on the topic. A methodology which explains how information should be gathered should also be included. The information gathering may be done through surveys, interviewing, observations or experimentation, whichever is the applicable method for the subject. A scientific term paper will

usually require observation and experimentation while a sociology term paper will usually require surveying and interview approaches as well as gathering and analyzing statistical data. The writer must ensure that the data gathering process should never be affected by personal biases so that the results would come out unprejudiced and reliable. A section of the term paper should be dedicated to the interpretation of the data gathered. After the analysis, the conclusion comes next which is also the final phase of the term paper. The conclusion will again cite all relevant points mentioned in the term paper and finally come to a finding if the evidence points toward proving or disproving the thesis.

Professors usually grade term papers on the research capabilities of the students as well as how the student effectively presented information to argue his thesis. Other grading factors are grammar and the overall construction of the paper which is why it is necessary for the students to have a good command of the language. This is also a reason why proofreading the paper before being submitted is crucial.

All of the information that is not original and is not considered general information should be cited which is why knowledge of citation styles is necessary particularly now that colleges and universities have put special attention to detecting plagiarism in the works that the students are submitting. Colleges and universities make use of plagiarism detection software such as Turnitin and MyDropBox to easily detect plagiarized academic papers.